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Jim Thomas, Founder of Alliance for Integrity, gave a wonder presentation on the tenets of Integrity

Jim Thomas, founder of Alliance for Integrity addressing the Rotary club of Sandy Springs.

On Monday August 12th, 2019 the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs had as it’s guest speaker, Jim Thomas. Mr. Thomas is the founder of Alliance for Integrity, LLC. The Alliance for Integrity seeks to foster a culture of ethics, integrity, and compliance across companies.

He began his presentation with a reminder of the very first question that we Rotarians must always ask ourselves; “Of the things we think say or do, is it the truth?” Mr. Thomas’ presentation was structured around three major points and he unpacked each one with clarity and a touch of comic relief.

Point one had to do the “authentic meaning of the word integrity”.
He quoted 1970’s senator Bill Bradley to this: “Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.”

Point two was a study of the main tenets of integrity.
One of its main tenets was that the truth is clear and unmistakable.
Another is that the Truth is never wrong. Ones willingness to state where they stand and to stand by their convictions is perhaps the most major tenet of integrity.

And point three had to do with binding one’s actions to one’s conditions. Jim told us the story of Egil “Bud” Krogh. Bud lived a fascinating life. He was incarcerated for following the orders of a corrupt president and learning from that brutal lesson to become an expert in the area of integrity, ethics and what it takes identify and hold true to core values. An interesting video presentation from Bud Krogh can be found here:

Jim Thomas and Nancy Schroeder, 2019, 2020 President of the Sandy Springs Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like to offer it’s warmest thank you to Jim for his rousing call to raise ones character by exercising honesty & integrity in our every action.

These photos in the original resolution and more can be found at: Zenfolio-Rotary
More information about Jim Thomas can be found here.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
August 12, 2019 12:00pm


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