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Jennifer Cruce - Executive Director of Hospitality and Tourism

May 9th, 2022 The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs was honored to have Jennifer Cruce, the Executive Director of Sandy Springs Hospitality and Tourism, speak about the latest developments in the Sandy Springs travel sector.

Cruce and her Hospitality and Tourism team preside over more than 2,800 rooms across 20 hotels in the city of Sandy Springs. "The biggest driver of "heads in beds" in Sandy Springs Hotels, is business travel", Cruce notes.

Prior to the pandemic Sandy Springs hotels were operating at 74% occupancy. As the Pandemic hit, hotel reservations in the Sandy Springs area plummeted. Cruce explained that leisure travel has made a decent comeback since the early days of the Pandemic. However, with the slow return to the office place and more companies allowing the work from home lifestyle, business travel has been slow to rebound. April occupancy in Sandy Springs hotels was 59%, or in other words; 1% short of the 60% occupancy rate that hotels need to meet to break even.

The Hospitality and Tourism team provide marketing and advertising for the City of Sandy Springs through many outlets. They have been gaining good traction through their social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most recently, Tik Tok. 

Thank you for everything your team does to help promote and grow Hospitality and Tourism in Sandy Springs, Jennifer!

Visit https://www.sandyspringsga.gov/ to learn more about the beautiful city our Club calls home!

Posted by Zac Boswell
May 16, 2022 9:00am


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