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Joe Labriola from Second Helpings Atlanta Performs a Great Service to our Community

On June 24th, Joe Labriola, executive director of Second Helpings Atlanta visited our club. He brought with him a plan to feed the hungry. A plan to give a hand-up to the folks in need around our town. The SHA is a non-profit local foundation with a goal of curbing food waste which currently cost the US over $218 billion a year. Second Helpings Atlanta seeks to works hard to prevent hunger by rescuing 300 – 800 pounds of food every day. The organization of the food rescue is done at SHA and much of the leg work is augmented with volunteer help. The volunteers are asked to participate in small increments of time, known as the 90 minute model.

Joe explained “The SHA 90 minute model” in detail to illustrate the profound effect that one person can have in a very short period of time. The idea is that anyone can give an hour and a half out of their day, week, or month and have a high impact volunteer experience. The 90 minute model is based on the idea that grocery stores use to not “break the cold chain”. He explained that grocery stores encourage shoppers to keep their food as fresh as possible by taking it directly home and putting cold items in the refrigerator as quickly as possible to prevent spoilage. This translate to volunteer pick-up and delivery as well. Once a pick-up is made by a driver, it MUST be delivered promptly and as directly as possible to a client or service agency to maintain the integrity and viability of the food.

Using the phrase “The multiplier effect”, Joe described how delivering food to the many community services programs around Atlanta, has actually paid off in over $50,000 of cost avoidance. The deferred savings are re-focused on the important services provided by those agencies.

The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like thank Joe for his service to our community. If you would like to volunteer please feel free to reach out directly to Joe at:

Joe Labriola - Executive Director at Second Helpings Atlanta

From left to right: Jim Squire - District 6900 Governor Elect, Joe Labriola - Executive Director at Second Helpings Atlanta, & Fred Ferrand - 2018-2019 President of Sandy Springs Rotary Club

These photos and many more can be found here:
For more information about Second Helpings Atlanta click here.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
June 27, 2019 12:00pm


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