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Adam Mosley from Uzima Waters Filters Presented a Brilliant, Affordable Water Filtration System

On May 6th, 2019 Adam Mosley addressed our club. Adam began his talk by recruiting our own Ed Ukaonu to help illustrate a story. The story was of a boy in Africa which must walk a mile to acquire clean water. The boy passes by two ponds on his way because both contain water which is unsafe. He carries two 5-gallon containers each weighing 45 pounds a mile back to his village. This is the life with which his village has become resigned.

Adam, considers access to clean water to be a basic human right and so does the company he represents, Uzima. Uzima, he explained is a word which means “full abundant rich life”. They make an inexpensive, easy to use, gravity powered, filtering system that can drastically improve the quality of life for those suffering from access to clean water.

Adam illustrated the system for us all during his presentation. At the beginning of his talk, he emptied a bucket of contaminated water into his filtration system. During his 15-minute presentation the gravity fed filter produced several gallons of clean, safe, potable water. His filtration system uses a hollow fiber filter. This particular type of filter is re-usable and requires little maintenance beyond simply washing the filter periodically. The filtration system he demonstrated for us cost approximately $30, which it an incredible investment and simply life changing to an entire village.

His goal is to bring clean water to everyone. “This can be done.”, he boldly announced. Adam asked us all to consider how we can help.

This young man, Ed Ukaonu was kind enough to walk two miles to supply our water today. (5+ gallons a piece and 45 pounds each) THANKS ED!

More information about Uzima can be found here:
More information about Adam Mosley can be found here:

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
May 14, 2019 12:00pm


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