"Every Woman Works" Stacy Howell, Sandy Springs Economic Development

"Every Woman Works" presented by Stacy Howell, Sandy Springs Economic Development.  Quoted from Business Radio X: "Stacey Howell is a 30-year corporate designate, who recently transitioned to run a non-profit as CEO. She is married to Hollis, and they share a hybrid family of 7 children. Her background includes a degree in Government from Cornell, she worked for Hewlett-Packard and IBM for over 20 years and served as an elected official in a town of 17,000 residents. The combination of her public and private sector experience serves her well in her new role. Stacey is located in Sandy Springs sharing the city with many corporate headquarters. She serves a community of women who thought they did not deserve or would receive a decent chance at life." https://businessradiox.com/podcast/ceoexclusive/every-woman-works-3/

Posted by Sally McLaughlin
November 7, 2021


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