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Harold Earls, Focusing on Guarding Freedoms and Liberties for All

Harold Earls is a former Airborne Ranger qualified Captain that served as the Commander of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Prior to that, he led the first Army team and a combat wounded amputee to the summit of Mount Everest. Harold was an All American Captain of the West Point Baseball team, recipient of the George Smythe Leadership Award and twice named ABC News Person of the week.

Most recently, he wrote a book, alongside his wife Rachel, titled: A Higher calling: which has gone on to become a USA Today National Bestseller. His family has a popular youtube channel, Earls Family Vlogs, with more than a million followers across multiple platforms, where they share their daily life and faith as a family. He is a 9th generation Georgian and grew up in Roswell and Forsyth county.

Harold had the honor of serving in the very heart and soul of this country, seeing daily it’s very best, while witnessing elected officials just across the Potomac deface the very values the heroes he was tasked to guard died defending. He would see WWII vets proudly rise from their wheelchair with all their might to salute the Unknowns, as taps echoed across row upon row of Arlington’s hills. All the while, he’d see politicians applaud athletes kneeling, as our national anthem echoed across row upon row of America’s stadiums. Enough is enough. Harold’s post as a Sentinel is over, but his mission is not. He now has turned his focus on building a movement to continue guarding the freedoms and liberties that so many have died defending.

This meeting can be attended in-person at the Hilton Suites.
6120 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, NE Sandys Springs Georgia
The meeting begins at 12:15pm and ends at 1:15pm

This meeting can also be attended via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 830 5329 7439

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
April 13, 2021 12:00pm


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