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Lynn Gendusa, Every Day Reveals a New Story

April 12, 2021

This past Monday our program was presented by Lynn Walker Gendusa. Lynn is a writer and columnist. After spending forty-three years as an interior designer, she was ready to retire to a hammock somewhere overlooking the blue ocean. Except God had other plans. Within a few weeks of putting down her tape measure, she picked up a pen. Her first story was published in the LaGrange Daily News in LaGrange, GA, her former hometown. Within a few more weeks she became a weekly columnist for the paper, writing essays about faith, America, family, friends, depression, joy, holidays and much more. Her work soon spread across the country to other publications that loved her relatable down-home stories which are laced with inspiration as well as frankness.

Lynn compiled many of her columns into her first book, "It's all Write with ME! Essays from my heart". (link provided below) Her readers have encouraged her to continue writing and she is currently penning a second book.

Her mission is to always inspire and remind us of life’s abundant blessings.

She believes, “Every day reveals a new story, a new bend in the road, and a clearer understanding of our journey.”

In photo: John Neill - 2020-2021 President of the Sandy Springs Rotary Club and Mrs, Lynn Gendusa - Author and columnist.

The Rotary Club of Sandy sends a special thank you to Lynn and her husband David for visiting and sharing her stories of Love, Family and Faith.

These photos and more can be found in their original resolution at:

More information about Lynn can be found at her website:

Lynn’s book can be found on Amazon here:

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
April 13, 2021 12:00pm


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