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Janae Green, The Mission of C-Span

In photo: screen capture from a virtual meeting with Janae Green.

Janae Green with C-Span spoke to our club this past Monday, January 4. She is a member of their community relations team. She discussed the history and mission of C-Span. C-Span was created in 1979 when cable TV was taking over. They are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization created by the cable companies to offer through TV and Internet an unfiltered view of government. Over their 40 year history they have never wavered from their original purpose. C-Span never tell you what to think! The year 2020 with the pandemic, civil unrest, presidential election and wild hurricane season has been a great challenge for C-Span.

"C-Span will never tell you what to think!"

From Janae's slide show depicting it neutrality among other news channels.

The mission of C-Span is: 1) No editing, 2)Multiple viewpoints, 3) No commentary, 4) Direct access to leaders, and 5) Viewer participation. They broadcast White House officials, Congress, Committee hearings and audio of the Supreme Court. They respond to both national and international events and campaign coverage. They provide context of interviews and viewer call ins. They also interview authors and policy experts. C-Span is not only on TV but also online through its website which has a library of online programs. C-Span has three networks so they can cover many events at one time. They even have a newsletter that you can sign up to receive. They even have C-Span for teachers to use in the classroom. And of course, they have a mobile app. C-Span - “Make up your own mind.”

The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like to thank Janae for all that she does to help bring our nation the news.

More information about the c-span bus, as mentioned in the presentation, can be found here:

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
January 7, 2021 12:00pm


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