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Cambri Driskell, Adventures and Growth Attributed to Interact

This past Monday, December 7, (Pearl Harbor Day) our program speaker was Cambri Driskell. She is the daughter of our current District Governor, Kirk Driskell and his wife Deena both of whom were in attendance.

Cambri is a Freshman at Vanderbilt University in Nashville but currently back home due to COVID-19.

She told her story of starting an Interact Club at her high school, Kings Ridge Christian School, as a Freshman. She laughingly explained how the club initially included just her and her five best friends. By the time she graduated three years later the membership had bloomed to over 100! In retrospect she thought that having free brownies at each meeting may have been one of her finest ideas that contributed to the amazing growth.

Cambri talked about their various service projects but spoke most fondly about her favorite, the “Moonlight Sonata.” This is a senior prom for the citizens of the Alpharetta retirement community. They needed money to host the event and held fundraisers to solicit donations from local businesses in the community. They made sure to invite each contributing business to come and participate, and was proud to announce that most did. Getting the high school boy members of her club to dance with the senior women was a bit of a challenge. At the most recent “Moonlight Sonata” event they had over 250 senior citizens attend.

There are over 40 million people in slavery in the world today

In the photo from left to right: Jim Squire - Immediate past Rotary District 6900 Governor, Kirk Driskell - Rotary District 6900 Governor, Cambri Driskell, Deena Driskell, John Neill - President of the Sandy Springs Rotary Club.

While noting some of her other projects, Cambri explained how gratifying it has been to watch other club members imagine new service projects and take the lead with them. These include the “polar plunge,” a service day of serving men in recovery and Human Trafficking Awareness. There are over 40 million people in slavery in the world today which is more than any time in history.

All of this has taught Cambri the power of service and the joy of inviting and seeing others join in the world of service. She is now looking for ways to bring Rotary service to Vanderbilt University.

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Posted by Todd Lawrimore
December 7, 2020 12:00pm


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