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Bill Swilley, “The mission of Scouting is Pure Leadership.”

On November 2, 2020, Mr. Bill Swilley a Boy Scout of America for more 76 years, graced the podium of the Sandy Springs Rotary Club.

For his brief moment in front of the club, Mr. Swilley chose to reach back in time and recount a few of his most memorable moments. The words he used to describe his scouting experience were positive, moving and straight from his heart.

While recalling a special moment peeling an apple with a young scout, one could feel his emotion and extraordinarily deep care for Scouting . Mr. Swilley is truly committed to Scouting and wants to be a positive influence on each Scout he encounters.

"I'm 13 going on 86."

Mr. Swilley remarked that he felt like a 13 year-old going on 86. That is a statement he used more than once and it articulates volumes. His enthusiasm and excitement to work with the Boy Scouts of America is evident in his every word and posture.

Working with the Dens and Packs of Scouts is especially important to him. The work offers the chance to teach the importance of truth and integrity. It also provides the perfect platform to lead by example and build important skill sets that encourage leadership qualities.

“The mission of Scouting is Pure Leadership.”

In photo from left to right: Mr. Bill Swilley - Eagle Scout and Scout leader extraordinaire, and John Neill -2020-2021 President of the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs.

He went on to stress the message that our children need love, caring and understanding. Again, in his own touching words, he announced that he feels incredibly fortunate to have such a rich collection of wonderful memories that were derived from his Scouting experience. 

The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like to thank Mr. Swilley for his many years of dedication to the Boy Scouts of America.

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Posted by Todd Lawrimore
November 2, 2020 6:00pm


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