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Scott Johnson explains the Warrior Alliance

Scott Johnston with the Warrior Alliance spoke to our club this past Monday, August 31st 2020.

Warrior Alliance exists to assist military veterans.

The Warrior Alliance is working to change the image that the general public has about our veterans. The big contributors to the Warrior Alliance are Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. They also raise funds through other fund raisers with the goal to match what Marcus and Blank contribute. There are 43,000 organizations in the US with the purpose to benefit and support veterans. There are 7800 organizations just in Georgia. They why are there so many veteran suicides? These organizations all seem to work in silos. They do not communicate with each other. Those leaving the military enter a world that is totally different from the one they remember. They often find it very difficult to bring their family together in a new community. Warrior Alliance created a model of the services that veterans need. Warrior Alliance coordinates these services to best suit the needs of the veterans that they serve. Employers in this country are very veteran friendly and work hard to employ veterans. But, they often times don’t handle the training properly and put vets in jobs well below their skill set. Warrior Alliance sees veterans not as broken people but as warriors. “Warrior Care Plan” was created by Warrior Alliance to monitor the success of the veterans in their care. Community Integration is their goal. Look them up at Warrior Alliance. Org.

More about the Warrior Alliance can be found here: https://www.thewarrioralliance.org/

More about Scott Johnson can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-johnson-91b55b4/

These photos and more can be found in original resolution at: Rotary Club of Sandy Springs - Zenfolio

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
September 6, 2020 6:00am


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