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Murang Pak of Global Risk Advisers talked about today's need to protect data.

Monday, August 3rd, co-founder and President of Global Risk Advisers, Murang Pak, addressed the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs. Mr. Pak spoke a little about himself and Global Risk Advisers. Global Risk Advisers provides a range of security products and advisory services to governments and multinational corporations worldwide. Without going into detail about the products and services that GRA provides, he rather chose to talk about why there is need for such a company.

While serving in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Pak participated in private sector outreach programs, one of which is called the Domestic Security Alliance Council or DSAC. This experience gave him a unique view into different kinds of threats that affect companies in Atlanta and nationwide. In this position he observed just how much information, our “Digital Exhaust” as he called it, is left out on the web like footprints in the sand. He claims that in today’s economy, data is the most valuable commodity. “Whoever can attain as much data as possible, analyze it, make sense of it, and act on it, …they win.”, he says. Having so much data easily accessed about each one of us, potentially makes us all vulnerable. Protecting privacy, protecting from cyber-attacks, protecting intellectual property, and protecting research being done in our universities are each reason enough for Mr. Pak to have started GRA.

Murang Pak of Global Risk Advisers and John Neill,  2020-2021 President of the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs.

The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like to thank Mr. Pak for his dedication to the essential role he plays in protecting people throughout the world. 

Biographical information on Mr. Pak can be found in an earlier newsletter here: https://sandyspringsrotary.org/newsletter/show/1251 More information about Global Risk Advisers can be found here: https://www.globalriskadvisers.com/
These photos and more are available for free from here: https://rotaryclubofsandysprings.zenfolio.com/p1005350902

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
August 4, 2020 12:00pm


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