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Senator Kay Kirkpatrick, MD spoke to the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs

On Monday July 20th Senator Kay Kirkpatrick was welcomed to the podium by the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs. Senator Kirkpatrick started her presentation by noting that this year session set a new record for being the longest in Georgia’s history. The cause of the extended (two part) session was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She herself was infected by the virus and has thankfully recovered well. She is a volunteer plasma donor now since she potentially carries helpful antibodies. Her plan is to continue as long as those COVID-19 antibodies are valid. We salute your continued efforts to help those in need.

The senator went on to reassure the club that even though Washington DC is a heated partisan boiling pot, that the state government looks much different. “At the state level, it is much more functional than it is in Washington.” We are all much more collegial than many may think. “We do team-up in a by-partisan way on many, many things.” Though, she notes, it is not totally without some drama. Changing the subject quickly after that last statement, Senator Kirkpatrick went on to talk about a number of bills that are in various stages of being passed and two constitutional amendments. Among the bill she spoke about are: The Market place facilitator bill which was passed. The Cares Act – federal money to help education and small business Heroes Act – helped health care facilities and providers dealing with COVID-19 Save our sandwiches bill – was shut down, but she helped to reopen it. Domestic violence bill – clearly defining the word aggressor to help officers at the scene. Holocaust Museum – a $45,000 provision An Early prescription refills - allows for those with long term illnesses to make less trips to the pharmacy Hate Crimes Bill – we were one of 4 states that didn’t have one, but not anymore Elder abuse in long term care facilities Vaping – puts vaping into the same tax structure of cigarettes and raises the age limit. Liability protection bill – raises the standard for a lawsuit for businesses. 23 health care bills – to prevent surprise billing. (like when you’re in-network, but somehow an out-of-network doctor provides treatment. PBM – pharmacy benefit managers. To bring transparency to the industry. You can go to any pharmacy you like.

From left to right. Immediate past President of the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs-Nancy Schroeder, Georgia Senator Kay Kirkpatrick MD. and Immediate Past Rotary District 6900 Governor, Jim Squire.

Want to more about Bills? Go to this web site:
There you can track legislation using keywords in an advanced search keywords or if you know the bill number, use it for even quicker access. The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like to thank Senator Kay Kirkpatrick for visiting and sharing the news from this year’s legislative session.

More information about Dr. Kirkpatrick can be found here:

These photos and more can be found here:

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
July 23, 2020 12:00pm


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