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Captain Mike Lindstrom of the Sandy Springs Police Department Shared a Few Thoughts about recent events

Captain Mike Lindstrom of the Sandy Springs Police Department addressing the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs

On June 22 our very on Mike Lindstrom, Captain with the Sandy Springs Police Department made a presentation to our club about the current issues of policing especially in the city of Sandy Springs.

Mike's job includes responsibilities running the K-9 unit, bicycle unit and street crime unit. One of his main themes was how proud he and his department are about the support they get from the Sandy Springs community. He further commented that the incident that took place in Minneapolis could never happen in Sandy Springs. He discussed how the management of a police department is always evolving and the Sandy Springs policy, only being in existence a few years has been able to learn from the successes and mistakes made by other police departments. Much of the issues dealing with today began with the Covid pandemic. He complimented the city government of Sandy Springs for being so well prepared for such an event. He commented that the police never ran out of gloves, masks or other necessary equipment. Also discussed was how effective the Sandy Springs Citizens Patrol has been and what a help they provide riding around giving out parking tickets!

Something most of us do not know is that the City of Sandy Springs has a huge number of license plate readers which makes apprehending car thieves and other criminals so much easier than in years past. Our police department has a great staff keeping them on the cutting edge of these new technologies.

Lastly he talked about how well the Sandy Springs Police Benevolent Fund has done and what wonder support it has gotten from the community. They have a huge fundraiser golf tournament every Spring.

The Rotary Club of Sandy Springs would like to thank Captain Lindstrom for the work he each day to protect and serve the citizens of Sandy Springs.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
July 3, 2020 12:00pm


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