Member Honored
Jim Paschal Honored by fellow Rotarian Candice Apple


Friends till the end.
Four score and ten years
Denotes a friendship of historic significance.
Neighbors near, just down the block and round the corner.
From days of corduroy knickers, playing marbles, and backyard games
To memories bright of gathering teams for football on the closest field,
A friendship strong and true through eleven years of school
Until Graduation from R J Reynolds High in year 1939.
Both on to higher education at UNC, their friendship grew.
Football games and double dates replaced their boyhood play.
Pearl Harbor struck and duty called
They both stood tall and proud to serve.
One chose Army the other Navy
Good-byes were said to family, friends and sweethearts dear.
They stayed the course, with courage served until the end.
One came home to wedding bells.
One was left with "Dear John, So long!"
Their lives became the world of commerce
Careers drew them towards different paths, and yet,
Neither miles nor time did break the bonds of friendship strong.
Looking back on 90 years of friendship what stands out?
Warm feelings, held from the sense of space they'd shared
Through school and war made, memories dear.
The time their friend won lotto and treated classmates all
To Tommy Dorsey's Big Band Celebration.
Not once did Army/ Navy loyalties mar a football game.
Not once did was friction felt, competing for a lady's eye.
Not once was a holiday or birthday forgotten.
When birthday number 95 arrived for Jim this June
His friend's appearance did not surprise
Though trip was miles to drive on highway 85.
Smiles were shared and friendship renewed,
Good byes were given, though they always knew
Friendship that long and strong would be there 'Iii the end
For there is no treasure greater than a good old friend.
May this tale of friendship true
Inspire us all to hold our friendships close and dear.
- Candace Apple

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
October 2, 2018 12:00pm


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