Last Week at Rotary
Dave Wilkinson shared experiences with the CIA

Monday, September 10th, Dave Wilkinson shared many of his experiences from his life in the Secret Service.

With twenty-two years experience in the CIA and having the privilege to have spent 9 of those years directly serving the sitting Presidents Clinton and Bush, he certainly had a lot of stories to share. The stressed most of all of his prevailing impression of those folks working in the white house. He noted that they seemed to have no secret agendas, they worked very hard, exercised strong ethics and of the presidents especially, he noted the many early mornings and late nights where they worked tirelessly.

He shared many personal stories, some embarrassing, some poignant, some hilarious, but most of all he noted that the two presidents that he had the honor to work closely with were just real people. Both presidents faced all the same issues we face in life, and were just trying to make their way through each day. They solved problems the same way we do, they asked for help and advice frequently, and finally he noted that even though they had risen to the highest office in the country, they were just as real as you and me.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
September 12, 2018 12:00pm


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