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Learn about Rotary’s 30-year campaign to rid the world of polio. Eradicating Polio is Rotary's highest priority, and we are "this close" to making it happen. Please view the video and review the resource documents below to learn about Rotary's fight to End Polio Now.
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To learn more, go to: * [**www.endpolionow.org**](http://www.endpolionow.org) * [**www.polioeradication.org**](http://www.polioeradication.org) * [**www.rlitraining.org**](http://www.rlitraining.org) to register for **Rotary Leadership Institute, Foundation Graduate Class**.

Additional Resources

ID Title Abstract
198 Historic Moments: PolioPlus Turns 30 Link to RI article and video on PolioPlus View
199 GlobalOutlook: A Rotarian’s Guide to Advocacy for Polio Eradication 9-page PDF article from Rotarian Magazine View
200 Polio Factsheet Short factsheet about Polio from Rotary International View
201 Polio Disease 14-page PDF from the CDC about the poliomyelitis (Polio) disease View