Addressing Food Insecurity in North Fulton

RCSS COORDINATES PROJECT TO ADDRESS FOOD INSECURITY IN NORTH FULTON. Responding to DG Kirk's email about the USDA Food Box Program, we began the process of requesting a truck delivery of 1100 boxes to one location in Sandy Springs that would serve as a distribution point for multiple food pantries in North Fulton. We contacted 4 adjacent Rotary clubs In April asking them to contact pantries and non profits in their communities that needed the boxes. The program was cancelled in April but with perseverance we were able to get a truck when it reopened in May. On May 20, from 7-10:30 am 24 volunteers from Dunwoody, Roswell & Sandy Springs as well as volunteers from the pantries came together at the loading dock at the Solidarity Sandy Springs food pantry. We unloaded 1,100 20 lb.+ USDA food boxes from a semi and reloaded them into 10 different vehicles for transport to food pantries and people in need in Acworth, Cumming, Dunwoody, Roswell & Sandy Springs. Club distribution: Alpharetta, 150 boxes, 1 pantry; Dunwoody, 1 pantry, 150 boxes; Roswell, 550 boxes to 9 non profits; Sandy Springs, 350 boxes to 3 pantries. It was a fun day for Rotarians. Total of 70 volunteer hours on the morning of 5/20 plus 10 Roswell volunteers in the afternoon. The boxes were free including transport. Only club costs were for pickup vehicles' fuel. Assuming 1 box of food could serve 5 people est. total beneficiaries among all clubs would be 5500. Est. cost of $40/box would be in kind contribution of $44k.

Beneficiaries: Sandy Springs: Community Assistance Center, Solidarity Sandy Springs; Dunwoody: Malachi's Storehouse. Acworth: UMC Acworth. Alpharetta: Meals by Grace; Roswell: Homestretch, CDA, Star House, Mary Hall Freedom House, Stand up for Kids, Huskies helping Huskies, World Harvest Church, Zion Baptist Church, 100 boxes went to families the Magnolia/Oak Street area of Roswell and finally30 boxes that were left went to NFCC

Partner Involvement
Solidarity Sandy Springs - use of loading dock & staff to help unload boxes from tractor trailer. Dunwoody Rotary - surveyed pantries & provided volunteers to load boxes in several vehicles Roswell Rotary -surveyed multiple non profits, provided volunteers to load 550 boxes in several trucks & trailers Alpharetta Rotary - worked with 1 pantry who sent their truck to pick up 3 pallets

Loading day

Rotarians at work

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Press release for food box project

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Sandy Springs Reporter article

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