Annual Dictionary Project

The Problem

Sandy Springs elementary school teachers have recognized that many of their students do not have grade level reading and writing skills appropriate for their grade levels.


Teachers have reported that the distribution of these reading materials has been successful in improving their students reading and writing skills. For many students in the Sandy Springs community, the gift of these materials are the only educational materials in their homes.

Volunteer Involvement

Club members visit each 4th and 5th grade classroom to distribute these materials. We spend time with the students explaining how to use the materials and how to play games with the materials that the whole family can enjoy. Each book contains a placard indicating it is donated by the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs.

Public Image Impact

Parents, parent teacher organizations, teachers and school administrators are all aware of the impact these materials have . These materials will be beneficial for the students throughout their lifetimes. During the distribution sessions, students, teachers and administrators hear a presentation about Rotary, its' purposes, programs and activities around the globe which helps to assist the image and understanding of Rotary throughout the community.