Senior Prom

Our club provided a prom night to low economically placed senior citizens, many of whom never attended a prom in their lives. We worked with: senior housing residences to provide transportation for over 100 participants, local restaurants and supermarkets to provide a dinner for the participants, the Benson Center to provide the location, and with local clothiers to provide prom clothing. Volunteers from our club, decorated the facility and set up photographers for professional prom shots presented in a nice photo cover. The club hired a band for three hours of fun. According to the residential counselors and the participants, many of the attendees were becoming shut ins, with nothing to look forward to, before our prom came to existence. For many of the participants, this is the only event that makes them feel special and gives them the opportunity to dress up and dance. We also select a King and Queen of the Prom. Photos are found on our website and Facebook page.