Former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar Visits Rotary Club of Sandy Springs With A Special Request

"The father of a former Sandy Springs Rotary Club-sponsored Ambassadorial Scholar, Pauley Tedoff, is urgently looking for an altruistic kidney donor. Ira Tedoff is a stay-at-home dad to seven-year-old twins and continues to work part-time as a clinical psychologist. Ira will be starting dialysis at the end of the month, a process which will significantly affect his ability to care for and support his young children. Moreover, the longer Ira is on dialysis, the poorer the prognosis of a subsequent kidney transplant. Although Ira is the “universal recipient” with regards to biological compatibility, he has been told that that the wait for a kidney from the national list would still be between five and eight years. As such, Ira and his family are launching an international search for an altruistic donor. More information about Ira and the donation process can be found on the following website: http://tedoffdonation.weebly.c omIra and his family would be greatly appreciative if Rotarians could share about the search and disseminate the link to the website in any ways they are comfortable. Your support is greatly appreciated!"

Posted by Lisa Stueve
April 15, 2017


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