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K-9 police officers, Handler Reynnells and Handler Hanse to provided a look into their work.

On June 10th, two of Sandy Springs finest visited the our Rotary Club. Handler James Reynnells and his dog, Django along with Handler Sean Hanse shared from their experiences and answered dozens of questions.

Handler James Reynnells and K-9, Django

You might think German Shepherd when you think of police K-9. Officers Reynnells and Hanse think differently. Neither of their dogs come from Germany nor do they speak German, as the old joke suggest. Their dogs are a breed know as Belgian Malinois and hail from Holland. AND actually, do respond best to commands spoken in Dutch.

While “petting is not advised”, said Officer Hanse these officers do have chance to bond with the dogs as they live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with each other. Because the dogs have been strictly trained, they prefer to be working and are high strung. Though we’re told, once they’re retired from police-work they can and most often do learn to be a viable pet for many families.

Much more information on the Belgian Malinois can be found here: Animal Planet – Dogs 101 – The Belgian Malinois

Django, an exemplary example of an adult male Belgian Malinois. He is one of five police dogs on call to help Sandy Springs & neighboring cities.

Handler James Reynnells and an alert K-9, Django

Django demonstrating his trade as he quickly and effieiently sniffs-out a drug stash hidden earlier by the officers.

The Sandy Springs Rotary Club would like offer a hardy thank you to Officers Reynnells and Hanse for giving us the 10-11 (general purpose police code for dog cases) on Django and how they provide protection our community.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
June 14, 2019 12:00pm


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