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Brent C Brown

Chesley Brown and its founder, Brent C. Brown pioneered the modern concept of security management services. Beginning as a consulting and auditing firm, not only did Mr. Brown establish the use of Law Enforcement professionals, but also academic, business, legal and financial professionals to give a far more expert and comprehensive advisory service to an industry once singularly focused on a retired cop/federal agent perspective. Ln 1997 Chesley Brown further pioneered the field of security management by providing managed security programs to clients whose previous two options had been either an "in-house" or a "poly- guard" solution (a term coined by Brown referring to polyester guards). Chesley Brown changed the course of an industry by providing an in-house and proprietary look and feel with the advantages of outsourcing.

Chesley Brown has client's in more than 28 states and 3 countries and provides countless private security programs as well as those using the prestigious Chesley Brown brand. Prior to Chesley Brown the term ''security management services" . and "client partner" were not used. Contracted security programs were also never operated on a comprehensive budget to the benefit of the client.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
February 25, 2019 12:15pm


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