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Special visitors talked about the SanDestin Conference

On February 4th, two visiting Rotarians from Dunwoody stopped in to present us with a breakdown of events we can expect at our District 6900 Conference. Wearing hats that resemble those that Burt Reynolds and Sally Field wore in Smokey and Bandit, they encouraged us all to drop down to Sandestin between April 25 – 28 and join in the fun. They hung out after lunch and answered questions.

Bill (the bandit) reminded us that our very own Jim Squire would made District Governor at the conference and the myriad of ways we could be proud of Jim and our Sandy Springs club.

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The bandit in this photo is PDG Bill Woulfin - Rotary Club of Dunwoody and member of the District Conference Committee

Playing the roll of Frog is Jeannette Prince from the Rotary club of Dunwoody.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
February 5, 2019 12:00pm