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Steve Rose - Informative and Extraordinarily Entertaining

Monday, December 17th Steve Rose engaged us all in a hilarious satire that had the entire room filled with laughter. He is not a comedian, however. He has instead spent his career in law enforcement. How unlikely is it that he could derive a such a prodigious sense of humor from such a serious and hazardous milieu?

Inspired by the Adam 12 series which was televised for 7 years starting in 1975, Steve said he connected the characters and the responsibly of police officers in that series. At that time, he decided to devote his life to a career of protection and service by becoming a police officer.

Having begun his career in a small town, Steve opened his 15 minute monologue with this statement: “In a small town, you have small town characters.” Without pause and with slight melancholy in his voice he reiterated just how small the town really was: “Chamblee, a one-horse town with three cars.”

While speaking of small towns and the characters within them, he fondly told us of the misadventures of Red Bill. Red Bill was as colorful as his name implies. Steve would often become entangled in one of Red Bill’s amusing and bazaar adventures when a call would come in from dispatch:
“Radio to 172, Red Bill is on fire and running down Pearl Lane.”
“Radio to 172, Red Bill is dragging Loretta [his wife] up road behind his car.”
If you are hoping that the dispatcher was using hyperbole, you would be wrong. The stories of Red Bill were the stuff of a Dicken’s novel.

All his stories were not funny, however. He did spend a few moments to share important information on more serious topics. He warned us that night time is usually when you needed to be most cautious. “Nothing good happens after mid-night.”, he noted and continued to offer more advice to enhance personal safety. Steve especially thought it important for everyone to know self-defense tactics and views gun ownership as an option to be considered.

While relating a story of nearly being car jacked late one night, he made note that the only reason his car wasn’t stolen that occasion was because he was better armed than the assailant. He was carrying his gun even though he was off duty.

He brought up the topic of theft by breaking into cars and noted that it is on the rise especially in Sandy Springs. Don’t leave anything in your car.

On the topic of home invasion, he reminded us that: “It is better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by six.” – “Defend yourself.”, he said again and again. To drive home that point he added: “Once you get a gun, don’t worry so much about practicing at longer distances.” He noted that most robberies and confrontations with the criminal element are likely to be close quarters, within 3 feet or even less. He gave a slight pause then for the gravity of that statement weigh in properly.

If you didn’t get a chance to see and meet him, you can still get a dose of his humor and safety tips by reading the Police Blotter articles he writes for the Sandy Springs Reporter Newspapers.

Posted by Todd Lawrimore
December 17, 2018 12:00pm


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