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February 12, 2018 - Russ Hiner

On February 12, 2018, Russ Hiner spoke to the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs about wealth, and it was not necessarily what you might have anticipated. In a motivational discussion, we learned that real wealth is about health, freedom, spirituality and relationships.

From his website: rhiner.com

"Business Experience

Russ wanted a business where he could walk away and have it run itself. In 2004 he started to achieve this goal. Russ started a manufacturing business Media Safe, Inc and in 2006 started an investment company. Russ’s current business is focused on Hedge Equity Fund which provides for the enrichment of communities through resource and asset management. The resources the fund supports are the children, the physical assets, and the businesses. The fund is strictly for high net worth investors.

Skill Set

As an entrepreneur, he sharpened his skills in dealing with people, investments, and money. Russ is a life time learner. As an business owner, he is constantly strengthening his problem-solving skills, negotiation, creative financing, and people skills. Russ grows the businesses he is associated with and they grow him.

Russ has been practicing and training investment skills across the county for more than 23 years while managing and growing both manufacturing, investment, and sales operations. Part of his sales and marketing focus was to become trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming so that he can improve communication, negotiations, and profits for his companies. He does train executives and employees in this area. He has trained sales professionals & company leaders in the Florida, Georgia, and Eastern United States to use the latest technology in relationship selling. He practices what he preaches by developing rapport, increasing the desire to action, demonstrating failure by inaction, and closing the sale.

Currently, Russ assists individuals who face life catastrophic business and personal challenges. His clients reap the benefits of his “street education”. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker and trainer of sales and communication skills. "

Posted by Sally Wyeth Mclaughlin
February 22, 2018


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