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1-8-2018 William T. Parker, Author of "How Did You Get Here?", President of ABG Financial Services, Inc.

On January 8, 2018, William T. Parker, Author of "How Did You Get Here?" One Black Man's Journey through White Corporate America and President of ABG Financial Services, Inc. spoke to the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs.

From the website on the book,

"I have been a story teller almost from the time I learned to speak in coherent sentences. I have used that skill, developed over a life time, to share my experiences in this book.

More importantly I am a "radical thinker", I have been told that I was "different" from my earliest memory, and I decided early on to use that "difference" to move in a direction contrary to the conventional wisdom.

I participated in the early Civil Rights demonstrations, which were designed to gain equal access to public accommodations, but then I decided to challenge the system by working to break down the barriers to success in the corporate world.

I started working in corporate America during the early years of the civil rights era.

My focus was to work my way up through the ranks of a major American corporation, and to help achieve economic parity for African Americans.

My objective now, is to reach into the hearts and minds of people with my story and to stimulate a new conversation about how young people today can deal effectively with the issue of race in the corporate environment.

Ultimately, I hope that "How Did YOU Get Here?" will inspire everyone to realize that life does not assign limitations to you based on other peoples perceptions.

Your dreams are always attainable."

Learn more at http://www.howdidyougethere.us/ where you may purchase copies of the book.

Posted by Sally Wyeth Mclaughlin
January 6, 2018


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