October 23, 2017 Emory Mulling

On October 23, 2017, Emory Mulling will speak to the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs. Emory Mulling is the founder of The Mulling Corporation. From the company's website: "With nearly 30 years of experience in creating Talent Management Solutions in the workplace, Mulling Corporation understands the importance of bridging leadership from different generations and communication styles. We believe that only when each individual is utilized and maximized to their full potential, teams can thrive and employees feel a deeper sense of loyalty to their organization."

Emory Mulling, Chairman

Emory Mulling is a nationally-recognized expert on the trends and forces shaping the global workplace and the Chairman and Senior Executive Coaching Consultant for the Mulling Corporation. A former Vice President of Human Resources, Emory’s background includes 16 years of corporate Human Resource experience with three Fortune 500 companies. Emory is also the host of “At Work with Emory Mulling,” a radio show for Georgia Public Broadcasting, and the author of The Mulling Factor: Get Your Life Back by Taking Control of Your Career.”

Posted by Sally Wyeth Mclaughlin
November 5, 2017


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