Educational platform for middle schools

Having been made aware of the disconnect between parents, students, and the education process, most notably in during the middle school years; the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs is the impetus for creating a collaboration between the Sandy Springs middle schools, the Sandy Springs Educational Force (SSEF,) the Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB,) and the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs (RCSS) to address the problem. The Grant will enable the RCSS to address the issue and begin the process of aligning disconnect with the Georgia Standards for families.


Santa Clara Ocoyucan Primary School Campus Computer Lab, Library,and Resource Center

In an effort to increase each child's access to educational resources and support, the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs has partnered with the Rotary Club of Colonial Puebla to re-purpose underutilized space at the Elementary School into a Computer Lab, Library and Resource Center, and work space for homework.The goal would be to make the space available to all three levels of the public schools in this area of the village.In addition, this grant will fund workshops and further education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives, train community residents in repair techniques to help sustain the computer lab equipment, and support college campus visits for middle school children and their parents to promote the longer term goal of continued higher education.