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Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide to provide humanitarian service and help to build goodwill and peace in the world. It is comprised of 1.2 million members working in over 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Rotary members initiate community projects that address many of today’s most critical issues, such as polio, AIDS, hunger, water, sanitation, health care, literacy, and the  elimination of poverty.

Monday's Program
April 4, 2011

From Ball Park to Boardroom:
Lessons for CEOs from a Little League Coach


Dr. John E. Abraham

By Sally Wyeth, eNews Writer
Abraham_Dr_John.jpgOn April 4, 2011, Dr. John E. Abraham, author of From Ballpark to Boardroom: Lessons for CEOs from a Little League Coach, will speak to the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs.

According to his website, Abraham retired from the United States Public Service in 2004. He earned his PhD in environmental health from the University of Iowa, a BA from the University of Denver, a MA from University of Hartford, a MPH from Tulane University as well as a MBA from Georgia State University. Abraham is the former Chairman of the Cobb County School Board and former Chief, Chief, Exposure Investigations and Consultations Branch at Centers for Disease Control/Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Abraham is currently president of John E. Abraham & Associates, LLC.

For more information, go to http://www.drjohnabraham.com

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Vein Disease


Dr. Lewis Prevosti
Vein Innovations

By Sally Wyeth, eNews Writer
VeinSystem_01.jpgOn March 28, 2011, Dr. Lewis Prevosti of Vein Innovations spoke to the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs about vein health and venous conditions. Prevosti began with an introduction to the venous system which carries deoxygenated blood back to the heart. There are superficial veins that are mostly responsible for temperature control.  There is also the deep venous system, which accounts for 95% of the blood flow. The connective lateral venous complex, when it fails, can cause spider vein clusters on the sides of the thighs.

Interestingly, Prevosti identified leg calf muscles as critical in pumping blood from out of the legs and which provide energy for one-way valves to pump blood back to the heart. Muscles surrounding veins contract during normal use to force the blood back through the system. When these one-way valves fail, the result is venous reflex disease.  There are over 100 valves in each of our legs, so failure of these valves can cause serious medical problems if not treated.

Risk factors include being female, hereditary, multiple pregnancies, obesity, and standing professions.  Signs of venous reflux disease are pain, aches, dull pain, burning, itching, cramps, leg heaviness, fatigue, restless leg, swelling in legs and ankles, skin changes (hyper-pigmentation/darkening) and ulcerations.

Vein_Closure-Procedure-Illustration.jpgPrevosti explained that treatment begins with a physical examination and a venous duplex ultrasound. Conservative treatments include use of compression stockings, which he recognized have a low, long-term compliance rate among people for various reasons, including vanity and comfort.  Vein closure procedures employ local anesthesia and catheter vein closings, a procedure that has replaced the obsolete and uncomfortable vein stripping process.  Vein treatment procedures are typically done on an outpatient basis.  Ambulatory microphlebectomy procedures can remove bulging veins and employ minor incisions.

Prevosti explained that an estimated 500,000 plus people in the U.S. suffer from venous stasis ulcerations, where venous reflux disease can cause white blood cells to leak out of veins and cause ulcerations. The cause is venous reflux disease and 61% of those who experience this are women. Telangiectasia (spider veins) is superficially treated by laser therapy and by sclerotherapy, a multi-stage process which can take about one year.

One life threatening condition is the deep vein, venous thromboembulism, a blood clot that can result in a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot in the lungs. Symptoms of pulmonary embolism include chest pain, a Vein_blood-clot.pngsudden shortness of breath and a cough which may produce blood-tinged sputum. There are an estimated 500,000 such cases a year, resulting in approximately 150,000 deaths. Prevosti noted that embolisms are the 3rd most common cause of deaths in hospitals and is such an “ubiquitous disease process” that the U.S. Surgeon General has issued a warning.

Blood clot complications have risk factors which include: a history of blood clots, genetic indicators, cancer, smoking, surgery, obesity, long-haul travel, aged over 40, immobility, pregnancy, and varicose veins. To avoid blood clot formation, doctors typically get their knee and hip surgery patients on the move shortly after those procedures to get their calf muscles working. Other treatments include wearing compression stockings, especially during long airplane flights. Preventive measures include physical activity, compression stockings, anticoagulant medicines and duplex ultrasounds to identify problems early. Prevosti noted that Vein Innovations plans to offer free screenings in April.

Before joining Vein Innovations, Dr. Prevosti practiced medicine as a heart surgeon at Piedmont Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Prevosti volunteers in the Sandy Springs community.

For more information, go to www.veininnovations.com

 Club Happenings

Thesaurus Distribution Heard's Ferry School

By Dan Wilmarth, eNews Contributor
Dictionary-Bookplate.jpgThe distribution of Thesauruses to the fifth graders will be headed up by Bobby Usher . He needs four or five more people to assist in the last distribution of books until next fall. Jim Kelly will be assisting in getting the supplies to each classroom.

We hand out the books and assist each student in placing a label with the Rotarian 4 Way Test printed on it.  As we share how we use this test in our own lives we leave a reminder of Rotary ideals as well as a book they can each use to improve their writing skills.

Contact Bobby Usher to participate. The date is being finalized and hopefully will be April 21st. Each teacher and staff is working on a convenient date for their classroom schedule. The time in the three classrooms will be from 10:40am until 11:00am. The Rotarians are being asked to arrive by 10:25am.

 The Spotlight
Where Have All the Readers Gone?

By Linda Randolph, eNews Contributor
MagnifyingGlass_01.gifLet us put YO__ in the fish bowl Monday and encourage YO__ to share in all the latest, breaking news about the Sandy Springs Rotary Club. Mondays is when we give the two extra raffle tickets to the fifth person finding the phrase "Six Areas of Focus" Let that be you. Even if you are number fifty-five, find it and let us know. Do not wait; read, read, read.

None members, participate and make a reservation to have lunch with us. This week's speaker is going to be really interesting with his new book and baseball topic.  See you on Monday; until then email Linda or call her at 404-277-4246. Also, sign up to distribute Thesauruses even if you are not a member by contacting  Bobby Usher.

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 March Celebrations

Anniversary of Club Induction: Kelly Fredrickson, Mark Hancock

Robert Moore(10)

Wedding Anniversary: Joe and Ellen Jones; Tom and Ellen Ungashick


 Buzzing the District

2011 Rotary District 6900 Assembly April 9, 2011
ColumbusIronworks_421px.jpgColumbus Convention & Trade Center
801 Front Street, Columbus, Georgia

In view of the annual turnover of Rotary leadership each year, special effort is required to provide the 33.000+ Rotary Club leaders with appropriate instruction for the tasks they will assume. The annual District Assembly is the major leadership-training event in each Rotary District of the world. NEW Members and remember, the District Assembly is open to ALL Rotarians.

$35.00 Per Person Includes Buffet Breakfast, Break Refreshments, Convention Center and Miscellaneous Supplies.

Registration Form & Payment:
President-elect 2011-12  Please list and pay for ALL ROTARIANS who will be attending from your club with credit card on District 6900 Database.


 Registration:  8:00 AM  to  8:45 AM
 Deluxe Continental  Breakfast  8:00 AM  to  9:00 AM
 General Assembly
 9:00 AM  to  9:45 AM
 Workshops  9:45 AM  to  1:00 PM
 Lunch & Keynote Speaker
 Dr. Paul Voss, Emory University
 1:00 PM  to  2:00 PM
 Closing Remarks & Door Prize                
 2:00 PM  to  2:15 PM
 Adjournment  2:15 PM
Click Here to Download/Print Full Agenda

  Click here for directions to
The Columbus Convention & Trade Center

District 6900 Conference at Callaway Gardens - April 28th -  May 1st

By Jim Squire, eNews Contributor

Callaway-Gardens-Logo.jpgThe theme for the District Conference this year is “Field of Dreams”, which as you know was the title a movie that called out to baseball greats to come and play.  Our Rotary club is determined to answer this call with a team of our own.  Equipment Manager/Player Kelly Fredrickson is sewing our jerseys as you read this newsletter.  
callaway-gardens-flowers.jpgSo far we have drafted Eric, Sally, Kelly, Barry, Steve, Betty and me.  Fran, Linda, and Hap Chastain are considering their contract options but are not committed yet.  To make sure we can field all nine positions on the team we need two more of you great Rotary players to step up to the plate.  Please let me know by email if you will answer the call and help us to make the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs a hit at Callaway!

Please email me and let me know your plans as soon as possible.

 Rotary International

Rotary International’s Areas of Focus

Article selected from the Rotary International Web Site by Past President Betty Ferdinand

Six Areas of Focus
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
Rotary has identified six areas of focus that reflect critical humanitarian issues and needs being addressed by Rotarians worldwide. The areas of focus are an important component of the Future Vision grant structure and are featured in the 2010-13 RI Strategic Plan, which encourages clubs and districts to increase sustainable service in these areas.

Explore the Areas of focus information sheets  on the RI website to learn more.

 News of the City

Volunteer for a Better Sandy Springs Day - April 16th!

VBSS_Logo.jpgOne of the many sites the Rotarians can volunteer is the Community Action Center. We have participated here with our Coats For Kids project during the holiday season. Two of our members are on their board of directors: President Eric Carlson and Pam Jones. This organization is the only agency in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody to focus on preventing homelessness and providing basic needs to individuals and families. General “spring cleaning” projects- painting, planting and cleaning - will be done at this food bank, thrift shop and client training facility.

LeadershipSS_logo.jpgThe Ninth Annual Volunteer For A Better Sandy Springs is a community wide service day sponsored by Leadership Sandy Springs. Through this special day, Sandy Springs receives materials and volunteer hours that are worth more than $250,000 in improvements to our community. Volunteers can select from a variety of sites. Contact Kelly Barge for those other sites and to sign up for three hours during this April 16th event.

Meet the Author Series Begins April 20th

Excerpts from article submitted by Fran Farias, eNews Contributor
SandySpringsLibrary_271px.jpghow-to-find-work-book1.jpgThe Sandy Springs library is hosting this interesting series. Ben Hudson, author of HOW TO FIND WORK ….When There Are No Jobs, will give the first presentation on April 20th from 6:30 until 8:00pm. The series continues on April 27th with a panel discussion of three authors:  Jeff Stepakoff,  Karen White and Wendy Wax.

The series continues on May 4th with Mary Kay Andrews. On May 11th Julius Thompson, Jennie Helderman, Angela Durden and Buzz Bernard speak. Contact the Sandy Springs Library for more details. The series is free but space is limited. They suggest registering at the library to insure a seat.

 Important Dates

In The Future...
Apr  4 
Luncheon Program - Dr John Abraham - "From the Ballpark to the Boardroom"
Apr 11 
SSRC Board Meeting - Hammond Glen, Conference Room
Apr 11
Luncheon Program - Dr Peter Gutschenritter SS Internal Medicine "Alzheimer's Disease"
Apr 16
9:00-1:00pm 2011 Leadership Sandy Springs' "Volunteer Day for a Better Sandy Springs" - Kelly Barge- Chair
Apr 16
Volunteer For a Better Sandy Springs Day [Click here for more info ]
Apr 18
Luncheon Program - Rotarian Narayan Sengupta - "The air war during WWI"
Apr 25 
Luncheon Program - Sally Bethea- Upper Chattahoochee River Keeper
May  6 
Business Expo - Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center-Rotary Booth: Tony Sibert Chair 
May  9
SSRC Board Meeting - Hammond Glen, Conference Room
May  9 
Luncheon Program Teacher Appreciation Day - Jackie Sanford, Chair
June 13
SSRC Board Meeting - Hammond Glen, Conference Room

District 6900 and Rotary International Events
April 9, 2011
District 6900 District Assembly - Ironworks Conference Ctr., Columbus, GA [Click here for more info]
April 29-May 1, 2011
District 6900 District Conference - Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA [Click here for more info ]
May 7, 2011
Rotary Leadership Institute  - Roswell, GA [Click here for more info ]
May 21-25, 2011 International Conference - New Orleans, LA - Early sign up by Dec 15 saves US$40 [Click here for more info ]
June 4, 2011
Rotary Leadership Institute  - Macon, GA [Click here for more info ]

Breaking News: It's official. Atlanta to host the 2017 International Conference. The last time Atlanta hosted was 1917 when the Rotary Foundation was established. Watch for continuing details on this event.